At K & E Cleaning, we provide quality cleaning administered by skilled and friendly cleaning staff.  To assist our staff in providing this "sparkle and shine" to your home, K & E uses only the best cleaning products on the market.  The determination as to the quality of the products we use has been achieved by research and many years of product comparison in the field.

Our mainstay cleaning cloth is 'NORWEX' microfiber cloths.  This product used on glass surfaces such as windows with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water leave your windows miraculously clean and 99+ percent bacteria free.  Is isopropyl safe?  Absolutely!!  It is more commonly referred to as Rubbing Alcohol and is often used as a rub for sore muscles.    

For wood surfaces K & E uses a magical product called 'METHOD' which is a wood conditioner that is surface safe, non-toxic and plant based.  When cleaning ovens and heavy grime K & E uses a variety of commercial and industrial products from 'ZEP' a reputable company that has been fine tuning their products since 1937.

Our company cleaning products include a variety of "tested for effectiveness" eco-friendly products which when stipulated by the client can be used exclusively.  Our knowledgeable staff are available by phone at any time through our contact page or you can email a question.




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At K & E Cleaning, we provide a wide variety of cleaning services to both residential homes and commercial businesses.  All our cleaning services in Winnipeg are at one simple hourly rate.  Every cleaning job is individual and unique, and it is you the customer who determine how you want our cleaning staff to apply the services.  

We want your home or office to sparkle and shine. More important, we want you completely satisfied with our cleaning services. If we missed something or didn't meet your expectations, give us a call. We'll come back and make it right. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority!

Residential or Commercial

We offer cleaning services for your home or office. Because no two homes or offices are the same, many factors go into determining your customized price. We'll stop by and do an evaluation before giving you a quote. Pricing depends on square footage and the level of cleaning required. You will receive the best home cleaning in Winnipeg.

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