"A clean home is a sign of a good life"

About Us

Residential Cleaning in Winnipeg

"When we started our company five years ago, we wanted to be the best residential cleaning service in Winnipeg. We could see that home cleaning service companies had fallen away from personalized cleaning.  You could buy a 'spring clean'  a 'mini pack'  or other such like named packages with a set price.  Now if person would like their home cleaned in the spring we can certainly call it a spring cleaning, the problem however is that when cleaning services are sold as a package you don't necessarily get what you want or need cleaned.  We are all individual and have different wants, need, likes and preferences.  What is important and a priority in terms of cleaning for one person is not the same for another.  With that said, our company operates in a fashion that allows you to prioritize your own homes cleanliness.  We will come to your home free of charge and engage in a friendly conversation about what you want or need done regarding cleaning services.  Together taking into consideration your budget and home care aspirations we will come up with an action plan that is a perfect fit for you and your home.  With this vision we promise to be the go to Winnipeg home cleaning service.  We will leave you with our favorite quote."


                                                                                         Best Regards

                                                                                            Kim Albig